Demolition Permits

Demolition Permits are required for the demolition of residential dwellings and commercial structures, whether being demolished for unsafe conditions, site development or fire department training. Demolition Permits help ensure the safe and proper removal and disposal of debris, and include inspection for hazardous or asbestos containing materials. Hazardous materials must be identified through our inspection, removed and properly managed PRIOR TO THE START OF ANY DEMOLITION.

A residential demolition permit is $500.00 and includes asbestos sampling and lab fees. At the time of application a five thousand ($5000.00) performance bond will be required guaranteeing the proper removal and disposal of the structure and debris, including any necessary abandonments, and site reclamation within a timely manner. Duration of the permit will be determined through the application process, prior to issuance.


Property owners are encouraged to recycle concrete when feasible. Recycling concrete saves energy compared to mining, processing and transporting new aggregates; and keeps concrete waste from taking up space at landfills. We are currently working on a list of local contractors who accept uncontaminated concrete and/or asphalt.

Uncontaminated concrete may be disposed of on the site where it originated. A Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) General Permit* is required to be completed at least 10 days prior to the commencement of disposal, and the application must be signed by Chisago County as the local zoning authority.

Additionally, when disposing of concrete on site, there are requirements regarding:

  • cover, slope, and erosion control;
  • deed notification, which must be recorded; (we are currently working on a form to be used) and
  • Minnesota Department of Revenue Tax of $0.60 per cubic yard which is required to be paid.

More details on these requirements can be found in the MPCA General Permit Information Sheet.

*MPCA Disposal of Uncontaminated Concrete: General Permit Form (PRINTABLE PDF) *MPCA Disposal of Uncontaminated Concrete: General Permit Form (fillable form downloaded from PCA) Minnesota Rule 7035.0805 Renovation and Demolition.

NOTE Minnesota Statutes 17.135 regulates Farm Disposal of Solid Waste, which in part requires farmers to follow the rule regarding burying concrete and deed notification, but exempts owner from cubic yard tax.

Affidavit Regarding Farm Disposal of Solid Waste for recording purposes.

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