Ki-Chi-Saga County Park, Lindstrom

The centerpiece of this park is the Karl Oskar House, an original 19th century Swedish Immigrant House recently restored by the Chisago County Historical Society.

Interpretive tours of Karl Oskar House are available some weekends and holidays. Contact the Historical Society at 651-257-5310 for current scheduling.

Ki-Chi-Saga County Park - Summer Trails (PDF)

Ki-Chi-Saga County Park - Winter Trails (PDF)


29061 Glader Boulevard
Lindstrom, MN 55045

98 acres south of Lindstrom off County Road 25 on Glader Boulevard, which includes shoreline on South Center Lake and Linn Lake.

A carry in lake access has recently been added on South Center to accommodate folks that are interested in accessing the Chisago Lakes Water Trails from the park. Find additional water trails information at the Chisago Water Trails Facebook page or on their website.

Ki-Chi-Saga Fields Map (PDF)

Ki-Chi-Saga Field Operations and Standards (PDF)

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Picnic Shelter Reservations

There are 2 picnic shelters available at Ki-Chi-Saga County Park. Each shelter should seat approximately 75 people. Electrical power is available at the shelter adjacent to the play structure. Modern restroom facilities are available with reservations. The park features a athletic complex (baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and flag-football), children's play structure, two picnic shelters, volleyball (bring your own volleyball), horseshoes (bring your own horseshoes), nature hiking and winter ski trail. The park is adjacent to a state game refuge. To reserve a park shelter at Ki-Chi-Saga County Park select Shelter #1 = (Adjacent to play structure) OR Shelter #2. Also, check out our frequently asked questions or FAQs.

For additional information, contact the Parks Department at 651-213-8960.