General Assistance Program


The General Assistance (GA) Program serves as Minnesota's primary safety net for single adults and childless couples. The GA Program provides monthly cash grants for vulnerable persons whose income and resources are less than program limits.

GA participants are also eligible for help with medical costs through the MNSure Link or the Medical Assistance (MA) programs and Food Support Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Program participants must fit at least 1 of the 15 categories of eligibility specified in state statutes. Eligibility categories are primarily defined in terms of disability and un-employability. Most applicants and recipients are required to apply for benefits from federally funded disability programs for which they may qualify, such as retirement, survivors, and disability insurance or supplemental security income.

In addition, the person or couple must have income and resources less than program limits. The resource limit for all units is $10,000. After subtracting certain income disregards, a single person must have net income less than $203 per month, and a couple must have net income less than $260 per month.

Monthly Benefits

The maximum benefit for a single adult is $203 per month and $260 per month for a married couple. Special funding is available for emergency situations when a person or family lacks basic need items, such as a lack of shelter or food, and that lack threatens the person's or family's health or safety.