Notary Commission Registration

To become a Notary Public in Minnesota you must apply to the Minnesota Secretary of State, Notary Section. The Minnesota Secretary of State will issue a Notary Commission card. This card must be registered with your resident Minnesota county, in person.

When you register with the county, please bring

  • Notary Commission card from The Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • $20 fee payable to Chisago County. (The fee collection process changed on August 1, 2010 - if you have a commission card from prior to August 1, 2010, the fee is $100 payable to the county.)

Mail Registration

Please complete the following steps to register you signature by mail.

  • Send a copy of the downloaded notary certificate or the notary commission card you received from the Minnesota Secretary of State
  • Enclose 2 notarized samples (PDF) of your signature (even if they are the same) on a separate sheet of paper
    • a signature that matches the first, middle and last name as listed on the notary's commission and shown on the notarial stamp, and
    • a sample signature in the style in which the notary will actually execute notarial acts
  • Enclose filing fee of $20, refer to Minnesota Secretary of state website if you have any questions.
  • Payment accepted: check or money order payable to Chisago County Recorder

Mail to the Chisago County Recorder.

The same application can be used to change your name on your Notary Commission. The new card would need to be registered with the same county in Minnesota in which you originally registered.

For additional information regarding Notarial functions contact the Minnesota Secretary of State Notary website.