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20th Annual Chisago County Children's Water Festival

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Special thanks to Jack Doepke, Coordinator of Chisago Lake Public TV, for producing the video of the 20th Annual Chisago County Children's Water Festival held on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at Wild Mountain Recreation Area in Taylors Falls, MN.  

LINK to view the 20th Annual Chisago County Children's Water Festival video on the Chisago Lakes TV YouTube channel.

Chisago County Children's Water Festival

Since 2003, Chisago County has sponsored a Children’s Water Festival to provide youth and classroom teachers with an innovative, quality, hands-on learning opportunity highlighting the relationship and interdependence of water to all living things.  The festival shows how our actions in Chisago County can directly impact the quality of our lakes and rivers, which are so very important to our heritage.

Click here for additional Water Festival Resources for educators and students to explore.

Each year, approximately 600 students from Chisago County attend the festival.  The Children’s Water Festival would not be possible without generous donations of time and resources from a variety of sources.  A Planning Committee with staff from Chisago County, the Chisago SWCD, DNR Project WET, University of Wisconsin, River Falls and Wild Mountain dedicate their time to plan the festival each year.   Please contact Susanna Wilson Witkowski at 651-213-8370 for more information about the event.

Chisago County Children's Virtual Water Festival Resources

On May 20 and September 23, 2021, Chisago County held a Virtual Children’s Water Festival, as the in-person festival for all Chisago County fifth graders had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.  The festival Planning Committee compiled videos and activities that support the festival mission to show how water relates to all living things.  

For the virtual festival, the festival Planning Committee found 30 learning videos and activities that are divided into five water categories:  Aquatic Invasive Species, Water and Wildlife, Watersheds, Water Quality and Weather.  The presentations and activities focus on weather, frogs and toads, the water cycle, aquatic invasive species, watersheds, drinking water, water pollution, and lakes and rivers.  

Each presentation or activity is summarized in an Information Sheet in the list below. You can watch the presentation video, or do an activity or lesson.  You can view one, two or all of the presentations that are part of each category.  If you want to dig deeper, you can look at the Other Resources category and find more water resources to explore.

We hope you enjoy the presentations and activities!


Click here for more information on the format for the virtual festival.

Virtual Water Festival Presentations and Activities

Chisago County

Chisago County staff provides outreach education and communicates with residents on a variety of water resource topics ranging from educating students at the Chisago County Children’s Water Festival to promoting using the Hook, Line and Sinker collection stations at public water accesses. Visit the links below for more information on water resource education topics.

Chisago Lakes Lake Improvement District

One of the goals of the Lake Improvement District is to promote environmental education, awareness and stewardship within the Chisago Lakes Watershed. Every resident lives in a watershed.

Whether knowingly or not, every resident of the Lake Improvement District and Chisago County may contribute to water pollution through everyday activities such as fertilizing farm fields, throwing litter down storm drains, or not cleaning up after pets. The resulting stormwater runoff from the surrounding watershed is one of the greatest threats to the lakes. Watershed education and stewardship is an important tool for protecting and restoring urban, rural, and agricultural watersheds.

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