Vital Statistics

Copy of Birth or Death Certificate

The Recorder's Office has another function as the Local Registrar. As Local Registrar, our office protects and issues certified copies of birth and death records. If you were born in Minnesota and can prove tangible interest, you may purchase certified copies of birth records from any county in the state, not just at the county of birth. Death records filed in 1997 or later are also available from any county. Before 1997, death certificates have to be purchased from the county where the death occurred.

Certified Birth or Death Certificate

To obtain a certified copy of a birth or death certificate, come into our office: Chisago County Government Center:
313 N Main Street
Room 277
Center City, MN 55012

Complete a Tangible Interest Form and present valid identification such as your driver's license. To obtain by mail, complete a Tangible Interest Form and sign in front of a Notary Public, and mail the form, with a check payable to the Chisago County Recorder and mail to Chisago County Recorder. If you wish to send your request to the state vital statistics office listed on the online form be sure to make your check or money order out to them.