New Home Building Permit Checklist

Required Items

Note: This form reflects changes required by MN Energy Code - Effective June 1, 2009.

Please submit all of the following applicable items at the time of permit application. Building permit applications will not be accepted without all of the following:

House Plans

Two complete sets of house plans, including floor plan, window sizes, cross sections, elevations, foundation wall assembly including type and method of insulation, and radon system venting. One plan will be returned to you with any necessary corrections by the building official. This must then be posted on the site. Additionally, an 11 x 17 plan should be submitted for houses within City limits or Lent Township.

Energy Code Compliance Certificate

A New Construction Energy Code Compliance Certificate must be submitted for review, and posted in a permanently visible location inside the building prior to final inspection. A copy of the Compliance Certificate (PDF) is available online.

Percolation Test

Two copies of Percolation test (including 2 percolation holes and 4 deep soil borings, site plan and septic system design) performed by a Minnesota-licensed individual who is a disinterested party. The Department shall review all applications and supporting documents, and conduct soil verifications. NOTE: Soil borning verifications cannot be conducted during winter months without substantial thawing provided by applicant. Area must be unexcavated and/or undisturbed by traffic. Use poly safety fencing to fence off percolation test area to prevent making the site unacceptable.

Application must show areas on parcel which meet the following requirements:  House and Yard Site Requirements  A survey and/or elevation may be required in some instances. 

Chisago County does not endorse or recommend contractors - this list of contractors reflects private individuals who are currently licensed through the state and have provided us with those licenses. Any licensed designer, installer or maintainer may be used - and home owners are allowed to install their own system.

Driveway Access Permit

All townships require access permits prior to installation of a driveway exiting onto a township road. The access permits may be applied for in conjunction with your building permit, unless you are building in Fish Lake, Franconia, or Shafer Township. In those townships, you are required to obtain driveway approval by their township officer prior to approval of your building permit. The applications for access are handled by those township clerks.

Rushseba Township also requires an approved driveway prior to building permit issuance, but we will handle the paperwork from this office. If we take your driveway access application the application will require payment of a $300 deposit. $250 will be returned to you when the driveway is completed to the specifications of the appropriate township official, provided that the driveway is completed within 1 year's time with satisfactory installation.

Chisago Lake, Nessel, Sunrise Townships, and City of Harris, require a $1,000 deposit, $900 of which is refundable. Sunrise Township also requires a swing-arm mailbox - please contact them at 651-651-674-6046, Sunrise Township for specifications. Amador Township requires a $1,500 deposit, $1,400 of which is refundable, we handle the paperwork from this office. Lent Township requires a $1300 deposit, $1200 of which is refundable, and a $100 purchase of a swing-arm for mailbox that will be picked up there. 

County Road Access

County road access permits shall be applied for at Public Works. Those access permits will require a separate check for a $1000 deposit, with up to $800 being refunded. Questions regarding county road standards for culverts, ditches, etc. may be addressed to the Right-of-Way technician at Public Works in Center City, at 651-213-8700.

Please note
: Building permits for homes on township roads will not be issued in Shafer, Rushseba, or Franconia Townships, until such time as the driveway is installed and approved by township officials. Contact this office for the name and phone number of the driveway officer for your township, 651-213-8370.

Deed & Tax Parcel Number

Copy of deed and tax parcel number (obtainable from tax statement or County Assessor's Office). If your property is acreage which is being subdivided from a larger tract of land you must present a copy of the deed proving that the land division has been made and recorded. If the property is platted, the deed is not necessary, but do bring the tax parcel number along with the legal description.

Addresses will be assigned as the permit is processes. Most areas require a fee of $75 to $225 at the time of application to cover the cost of the 911/Emergency Address Sign and installation. 


Please plan to pay by check at time of application, or if you wish credit or debit cards are accepted with a 2.5% processing fee to the vendor. We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone.

Property Staking

The proposed house site and the center line of the driveway must be staked for our inspection Where the property line is not clearly defined, a certificate of survey at the sole cost of the applicant may be required. (Surveys required for all building within Cities and Lent Township) The percolation test area must also be completely fenced off. Failure to have property staked and fenced off for our review after building permit application will result in a $47 re-inspect fee.

Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy: This office will require an as-built drawing of the installed septic system to serve the dwelling (generally supplied by the installer) prior to issuance of a C.O. Additionally, an Energy Code Compliance Certificate which will have been submitted with your application and reviewed by the inspector, will be required to be posted in a permanently visible location inside the home (along with an attic insulation card) prior to final inspection. A blower door test is also required prior to issuance of the C.O.

Total Fees

The Department of Environmental Services has established a strict policy of not accepting applications for new home building permits unless all of the above-listed items are presented together and the fee paid at the time of application. A building permit fee for a new home can range from $1,700.00 (based on a valuation of $100,000) to $3,650.00 (based on a value of $300,000), or more. The fee is based on the value of the house as calculated by this Department after reviewing the blueprints at the time of application. The above fees do not include the applicable driveway deposit for township roads, or the septic fee of $300.00

Additional information may be obtained by calling the office, 651-213-8370.