Security Division

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Security Division provides a safe environment for all employees and visitors entering the facility. The Security Division maintains security of the facility in order to provide protection for all who are employed in and/or visiting the building. You will experience security measures both upon arrival, as well as, be the benefactor of these measures during your time in the Government Center.

Access To The Government Center

There is 1 single point of entry at the Chisago County Government Center and it is located on the east side of the building (see signage upon arrival).

Procedure Upon Entry

Upon arrival, you will be required to pass through a security control point located at the main doors of the Government Center. This control point is equipped much like a security control point found at airports. You will be required to pass your purse, briefcase, or anything else you may be carrying, through the x-ray machine. You will also be required to place any metal objects in the trays provided and then pass through the magnetometer. If you are carrying anything, which can be construed as a weapon, such as a knife, you must take it back to your vehicle or forfeit it to the security officers. If you are found to be carrying a weapon, which is illegal to carry or posses by law, it will be confiscated and you may be arrested.

If you continue to set off the magnetometer after all items are removed, the security officer will pass a hand wand around your person to determine what is continuing to set off the alarm. If the x-ray machine indicates there is anything suspicious in an item sent through it, the security officer will open the item and examine its contents.

The security standards and measures employed by Chisago County are designed to intercept and remove individuals and items that may represent a threat to peace, order, and dignity. They are designed to provide appropriate protection for all those using the Government Center and the judicial process while allowing the facility to be accessible to the community.

It is the goal of the Chisago County Sheriff for all subjects visiting the Chisago County Government Center to have a safe and enjoyable experience while conducting their business. In order to accomplish this, we request individuals adhere to the procedures outlined above. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Email Captain Andrew Mahowald that oversees the Security Division or call at 651-213-6303.