Investigations Division

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division provides the highest quality of service in thoroughly investigating a wide variety of criminal activity that occurs throughout the county. Our desire is to provide support to the victims of criminal acts, apprehend the offenders, recover stolen property, and seize illegal drugs and the assets from illegal drug sales.

The Investigations Division is currently comprised of a sergeant and 5 investigators who provide a wide spectrum of investigative services including criminal investigations, crimes against children, and crime scene investigations. The Investigations Division also conducts internal affairs investigations. Investigators are available 7 days a week to respond to emergency investigative needs.

The primary function of the Investigations Division is to conduct follow up investigations of crimes reported by patrol deputies. Cases are reviewed by the Investigations Sergeant and screened for solvable factors. Cases meeting the required solvable factor are either returned to the referring patrol officer for further follow-up or assigned to an investigator based on the type of crime and may work with the community in order to solve crimes and create a safer community for the citizens of Chisago County.

Crimes Against Persons

The Investigations Division conducts investigations on assaults (physical and sexual), deaths / homicides, child abuse, crimes against the elderly, missing persons, and robbery. The division works with outside agencies including the Medical Examiner's Office and Chisago County Health and Human Services.

Chisago County has an investigator who is specially trained to investigate sex crimes. This investigator has special training to interview young children. The investigator is in charge of keeping track of registered sex offenders in Chisago County. The investigator is also on the States Predatory Offender Release Board, which is the body charged with assigning levels to predatory and sex offenders as they leave the state prison system.


The Investigations Division works closely with the East Central Drug And Violent Offender Task Force and is responsible to investigate all drug related complaints including both street and pharmaceutical drugs. Investigators conduct follow up investigations generated by citizen complaints as well as patrol deputies and generate primary investigations by utilizing technology and confidential informants. The Investigations Division is involved in every aspect of a drug investigation including street level drug purposes, marijuana grow operations, and clandestine lab investigations.

Property Crimes

The Investigations Division conducts follow-up investigations on burglaries, computer crimes, criminal damage to property, forgery, fraud, and theft (identity and property). Investigators strive to recover stolen property and identify / arrest property crime suspects.

Email Sergeant Ryan Edmonds that oversees the Investigations Division or you can call him at 651-213-6322.

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