Criminal Process



The Chisago County Attorney prosecutes felony crimes (crimes which carry a maximum penalty of more than 1 year in prison) which occur within Chisago County. Examples of these crimes include:

  • Child abuse
  • Drug offenses
  • Murder
  • Serious property offenses
  • Sexual assault

Misdemeanors & Gross Misdemeanors

The County Attorney also prosecutes misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors (crimes which carry a maximum penalty of less than 1 year). Prosecution may involve:

  • Filing criminal complaints
  • Making sentencing recommendations
  • Presenting cases before a grand jury
  • Representing the state in court hearings and trial
  • Reviewing the investigation of law enforcement officers

The Criminal Process

When charges are filed against an individual who allegedly committed a crime, a Complaint or Citation is filed with the court. The Complaint contains a brief statement of the facts and sets forth the crimes the defendant has committed based on those facts. Depending upon the charge, the defendant will follow 1 of 2 basic paths in proceeding through the criminal justice system.

Criminal Process Brochure (PDF)