Voting & Election Information

The Auditor-Treasurer's Office administers the county functions of Federal, State and Local elections. This office is also a resource to Cities, Townships and School Districts in the election process. This process involves....

  • registration and maintenance of voters
  • candidate filings, campaign financial reporting
  • ballot layout
  • electronic tabulation programming
  • election judges training
  • absentee voting administration
  • election day rosters; election night results

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Are you a registered voter?

You can wait until Election Day to register in Minnesota. However, we encourage you to register before Election Day - it will save you time at the polling place. The deadline to Pre-Register is 21 days before the election.

When are elections?

Federal, State, and City Elections are held in even years every two years.

  • Primary Elections are the second Tuesday in August.
    • 2022 Primary Election: Tuesday August 9, 2022
  • General Elections are on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
    • 2022 General Election: Tuesday November 8, 2022

Township Elections are held annually on the second Tuesday in March.  Except Nessel & Lent Townships, which hold their election during the general election in November. 

  • 2022 Township Election: Tuesday March 8, 2022

Precinct Caucus Meetings are the first Tuesday in February UNLESS there is a Presidential Primary, then it’s 1 week before the that date.

Presidential Nomination Primary is held on the first Tuesday of March in the year of the Presidential election UNLESS the major parties jointly submit a different date prior to March 1st of the year before.

  1. Absentee Voting for 2022 General Election

    Absentee voting for the November 8, 2022 General Election begins September 23, 2022 and runs through November 7, 2022. Read on...
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