Minnesota Well-Being

SHIP intentionally invests in creating opportunities in partnership with communities to create equitable, healthy, and positive conditions that promote well-being for all Minnesotans.

Strategic Directions:

  • To increase policy, systems, and environmental change (PSE) opportunities for healing, social connection, and belonging within all contexts.
  • To build mental well-being and resiliency within a community or specific age groups within a setting or across settings.

Long-term outcomes:

  • People in Minnesota feel an increased sense of belonging and feel respected (e.g., increased number of people who report they belong to their community, schools, and workplaces).\
  • People in Minnesota have opportunities to heal, live, and work in trauma-informed environments.

Previous partnerships & projects:

  • Partnered with local schools to increase availability of sensory tools for students. 
  • Assisted in the implementation of sensory hallways for students to allow for more structured brain breaks. 
  • Provided Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and training to local schools. 
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