Weather Safety

Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 4 - 8, 2022

During this week, the Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service will be promoting severe weather safety and emergency preparedness information.

This is the perfect time for families, communities, schools and local businesses to review and talk about their emergency plans and how they can prepare for the upcoming severe weather season.

Severe weather normally refers to any dangerous weather event with the potential to cause the loss of life or injuries, significant damage to structures, or any other serious disruption to communities.

Forms of severe weather events vary but all types can be potentially hazardous. Storms, including tornadoes, high winds, hail, lightning or flooding, are the most common types in Minnesota. But severe weather can include excessive heat and drought conditions that can spark wildfires can be dangerous as well.

While severe weather can't be prevented, there are some simple steps everyone can take to stay safe and protect themselves and their homes whenever severe weather threatens.

The pages in this section offer some basic awareness information, safety tips and links to additional resources about the most common spring and summer weather hazards.

In addition to weather information, there are also guides on basic emergency preparedness for individuals, families, businesses and communities.

To help Minnesotans and visitors handle severe weather threats, Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) with support from partner agencies, has created the Severe Weather Awareness information campaign.

The campaign kicks off in early April with Severe Weather Awareness Week, and continues through the season on this website with updates, timely facts and tips. The web links listed here address some of the most common topics. Each page contains tips, fact sheets, data and links to additional resources. Refer to these pages throughout the season, and check back for updates and added resources. 

Each day of the week highlights an important seasonal weather safety topic.

Using this site as a guide, learn how to make a plan, build an emergency kit (youtube), and stay informed.

Download the 2022 Severe Weather Awareness Week Fact Sheet (PDF)