Swing-Away Style Mailbox

Damaged Mailbox 

Each winter Chisago County Public Works gets calls about damaged mailboxes caused by plowing snow. The County will  fix or repair damaged mailboxes if one of the following conditions are met.

  • It must be a Minnesota Department of Transportation approved swing arm mailbox.
  • It must be hit by the plow itself.

Once contacted, Public Works will investigate all complaints of damage. If the above criteria are met, repairs will be done by Public Works. Any damage to the mailbox/support caused from snow being plowed into the mailbox/support will not be repaired by Public Works and is the responsibility of the owner. Although we are sorry for the inconvenience this damage causes, clearing the entire roadway is essential for public safety. 

New/Replacing Mail Box

Chisago County Public Works has Swing-Away mailbox supports and posts available to residents who live along a County Road. Please call Chisago County Public Works at 651-213-8700 to purchase a new mailbox support. Cost per support and post is $150.00.swing mailbox and post with description and pictures

Placement of these mailbox supports is the responsibility of the home owner. Before installation, please contact your local postal carrier to determine which side of the roadway to install it and the height of the support. Contact Gopher State One Call before driving the support post into the ground.

Mailbox Maintenance

When purchasing or owning a swing arm mailbox it is the owner's responsibility to make sure it is up to code as well as maintain all swing arm mailbox parts. This includes keeping the post completely vertical with the roadway. If the post leans into the roadway the swing arm support will sag into the target zone of the plow equipment.

Maintenance of any bolts, screws and wood products are also the responsibility of the homeowner. The target height for the bottom of the mailbox is 42-48 inches above the ground.

There is no escape from the hardships of a Minnesota winter - including the toll it takes on mailboxes and posts. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in our efforts to keep our County Roads clear. Chisago County does not replace mailboxes or posts damaged by the force of moving snow.

Additional Mailbox Information