Attendance Intervention Meeting (AIM) Meetings

The success of all students is of utmost importance to our children and our communities.  It is both the parent and child's responsibility to ensure regular school attendance, and failure to comply with the requirements of Minnesota law may result in court action.  If a child's school reports that a child has not been attending school as required by law, a letter invitation is sent to the parent of the child and the child to attend a attendance intervention meeting (AIM) at the Courthouse.   Attendance Intervention Meetings provide families the opportunity to prevent the student/child from becoming involved in the Juvenile Court System.  AIM meetings typically take place on the third Tuesday of each month.  The meetings last approximately one hour, and there is time allowed for questions.  Attendance intervention meetings must be attended by both the parent and the child.  Failure to appear for these meetings may result in the filing of a truancy child protection petition in the juvenile court.  AIM is an attempt to provide guidance on the impact of truancy and prevent further court action.   ​​